Columbia Sportswear.

PFG | Force 12
Directed: Joshua VP
Filmed: Joshua VP, Justin Turkowski, and Chris Arujo
Sound: Kove – The Silence
PFG Force 12: Full Crew List and Full Film

Tested Tough | Macklemore
Produced: Columbia Sportswear
Artist: Macklemore
Director: Jason Koenig
Filmed: Jason Koenig, Joshua VP
Motion: Motion State
Sound: Macklemore

Alaska Mushers | Iditarod
Filmed: Joshua VP
Sound: Kishi Bashi – I Am the Antichrist to You

Tested Tough | Mount Baron
Athlete: Anti Kavala
Directed: Joshua VP
Filmed/Produced: Joshua VP
Location: Annecy, France

“Columbia Sportswear tasked me with creating a series of videos showcasing the amazing talent that work for Columbia Sportswear. “A Life Well Lived” was one of the signature pieces I created for the campaign. Featuring app developer James Kerr, who in the 80′s, solo skied hundreds of miles into Alaska wilderness to make first ascent’s on several mountains in the Denali/Mt. Huntington Mountain Range. During the launch of this series, user engagement and views sky rocketed past all other outdoor sports brands on their Facebook and Youtube channels.”

Produced: Columbia Sportswear
Athlete: James Kerr
Director/Producer/Editor/Cinematographer/Animator: Joshua VP
Track: Thou Shalt Tremble
Composer: Sons of Pythagoras
Publisher: Extreme Production Music USA
Sound: Extreme Music
Images: Scott Shuey, James Kerr, Scott Woolums, Leigh Anderson, Jamie Kerr, Oca Hoflain
Special thanks: Daniel Green, Scott Trapenaur

Alaska is the last great American frontier, it’s extremely vast and diverse. 5 months ago I was able to film/explore in and around the Knik Glacier and then we traveled north to the Arctic Ocean. It was one of the most surreal experiences I’ve ever had the privilege of witnessing. These clips are all shot from my first major adventure with Columbia Sportswear, Shot on a 6k Red Digital Cinema Camera Company Dragon Sensor.

Produced: Joshua VP
Location: Barter Island, Knik Glacier
Director/Editor/Cinematographer: Joshua VP
Track: Edge of the Night (Clans Remix)
Music: Wonderful Humans

Columbia Sportswear Poler Bears

Columbia Sportswear – Tested Tough