If you’ve ever been on top of a mountain, or out in the middle of the ocean – you know what it’s like to truly be alive. Traveling is something I’ve kept a close document of, because there is so much out there to explore and see.

Locations (21 countries – 45 States):
Seychelles (Mahe/Alphonse – Force 12)
Cuba (Reef – Force 12)
Baja California, Mexico (Luke Combs)
Russia (Mineralnye Vody, Mt. Elbrus – Russian Ski Team)
Taiwan (Taipei – Outdry Eco Jacket)
Japan (Tokyo – Outdry Eco Jacket)
Indonesia, Jakarta, Bandung (Outdry Eco Jacket)
Indonesia, Bali (Outdry Eco Jacket)
England (Manchester – Manchester United)
France (Chamonix/Lake Annecy – Tested Tough)
Switzerland (Geneva – Tested Tough)
Italy (Sicily/Rome – Cannondale, Courmayeur – Tested Tough)
Scotland (Isle of Skye, Edinburg – DOT)
Iceland (Manu United x DOT)
Canada (Whistler – Canadian Ski Team)
Costa Rica (Surf)
United Emirates (Dubai/Abu Dhabi – Force 12)
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Na Trang, Da Nang – Force 12)
Bahamas (Andros, Nassau – PFG)
Amsterdam (Personal)
U.S. (46 states)


Force 12 Seychelles