EXTRAS // More.

Just a Random bin of extra projects I’ve worked on over the years.. From motorcycling through dense forest’s of Oregon to hanging out of helicopters in baja to promoting Minneapolis’s bike scene. There is something for everyone in this bin.

“Dragon Eyewear – Transitions”Post: Joshua VP
View Full Crew List

“Icon Raiden – Splinted”Phantom Filming/Timelapses: Joshua VP

“Pedal MN”
Directed/Edited/Filmed/Animated: Joshua VP Full Crew List

“More to Try” (30 sec)
Produced: Colle Mcvoy
Producer: John Borchard
Filming: Joshua VP
Edit: Splice

“More to Try” (15 sec spots)

GT – “Earn your wings”
Filming: Camp 4 Collective
Animation/Coloring/Effects: Joshua VP
Art Direction: Chad Hancock
Music: Pretty Lights – I know the truth

“Josh Tranby — 2014″
Directing: Joshua VP
Filming: Joshua VP & Alex Horner
Edit/Color: Joshua VP
Logo Design: Joshua VP
Animation and Effects: Joshua VP
Produced: Red Bull, Slingshot, Zeal, Reef, Bern, Pinewskis
Music: Viceton Vs Nico Vego – Beast
Location: Oregon/MN

“Toyota: San Felipe 250 Race”

“Designed and Made”

Yakima – “Off the Map Series”
More Episodes and Crew List

Timberland – “Fast and Light Series”
More Episodes and Crew List

“Wolverine Boots”
Produced: Gear Junkie/Wolverine
Filmed: Joshua VP
Edit/Color: Joshua VP
Athletes: Stephen Regonold, Sean McKay

Gerber Knifes – “Know your Knife Types”
Filming: Joshua VP
Cast: Stephen Regenold
Edit: Joshua VP

“Camp4 Collective”
Filmed: Camp 4 Collective
Rider: Spencer Brown
Artist: Emancipator
Edit/Color/Animation: Joshua VP

Cordura – “Strongest Man Photo”
Produced: Cordura/Yoga Slackers/GearJunkie
Filmed: Joshua VP
Edit/Color: Joshua VP