The simple part was the story, the hard part was the animation. I was tasked with figuring out how to tell the story and ultimately sell Dragon Eyewear’s new Transition goggle. The challenge was, the goggle changed over a 5 min period and we couldn’t just shoot a time-lapse in the field of them changing. So I had to work my animation/tracking magic and come up with a solution that shows the transition happening in real time. Was a fun challenge, that in the end, is hardly noticed..

Client: Dragon Eyewear
Campaign: “Transitions”
Agency: Seek Creative
Directed:Trent Ludwig
Produced: Seek Creative
Rider: Alex Lopez
Filming: Trent Ludwig, John Ray, Joshua VP
Edit/Color/Animation: Joshua VP
Camera: Red Epic Dragon, Sony FS700 with the Odyssey 7Q
Track: Gasoline
Artist: Alpine